Is Your Body Ready for Summer?

If not, You are not alone!  80% of people I talk to say that they are dissatisfied with their bodies and 0% of them like to diet!

But what if I told you that you can lose 20 pounds and be "bathing suit ready" by Memorial day, just by making simple shifts in what you eat and how you move?  AND what if I told you you'd be doing it on your own schedule with the support of an inspirational coach and hundreds of other women and men who are all striving for the same goal?

Well, you can.

The Beach Physique Method 20 Pound Challenge is  6 week on-line program structured for your success.  Not a fad diet or exercise regime, it's a sensible, long-term weight loss and fitness program that fits easily into YOUR schedule.

With done-for-you meal and exercise plans and weekly check-in calls to keep you on track, you will have everything you need to lose those pesky pounds that are making you picture yourself in a cover-up rather than in your swimsuit.

Learn more below and then sign up.  I'd love to be your coach and mentor as you get that Beach Physique you're looking for.

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Maria Mizzi,
Transformational Fitness & Nutrition Coach

The 20 Pound Challenge begins again in June 2015

Learn more below.

What exactly is the Beach Physique Method 20 Pound Challenge?

It is NOT a fad diet combined with insane workouts that are overwhelming and lead to failure.

It IS a simple-to-follow program that leads to a healthy weight and toned body. It's a positive approach that empowers you to reach your fitness goals.

Statistics show that doing a fitness program with a partner or group leads to nearly double the weight loss as doing it alone. That's why we've put together a group challenge with everyone starting on the same day. Throughout the 6 weeks you'll have lots of encouragement and inspiration from me and everyone involved.

Maia Mizzi before and after image

This is my before and after photo! I lost over 20LBs using the elements of this program!

Former Beach Physique Method Members say...

"This is the trifecta, body, mind, and soul!! I love it and my 4-year-old son loves to work out to the videos with me!! --Cherie F

"Being part of a group helps me to stay accountable to myself! I love our weekly calls and leave each one inspired to reach my goals. Maria Mizzi knows her stuff and is an awesome coach." -- Julie T.

"I went shopping for jeans this weekend and I dropped 4 pants sizes!" ~Sarah C

"I am so inspired by your transformation...I assumed you were always incredibly fit. I lacked consistency and long term follow through. Thank you for offering this program". -Jen H

"Other than walking this is the longest I’ve ever stuck with an exercise routine. It’s getting easier and I’m seeing improvement in my abs. Thanks so much for this Maria! I look forward to in everyday." -Nancy T

Three Keys to Your Success

Each week you will unlock your fitness, food, and self care program. With a calendar and downloadable "Playbook" that show you what to do each day, you are set-up for success from day 1.


  • Weekly Planning Menu with options for each meal
  • A shopping list so you have everything you need to implement your plan
  • Easy to make recipes that have you in and out of the kitchen in 30 minutes or less.
  • Quick How-To videos showing tips and tricks for preparation and enjoyment


  • Weekly workout videos that you can follow on your computer, phone, or tablet
  • Fun movement ideas for extra fat burning & toning
  • Short and sweet workout bonuses for when you have 10 minutes or less and want an energy boost.

Self Care

  • Daily messages to keep in mind that motivate and inspire you
  • De-stressing techniques
  • Meditation, visualization, and affirmations that relax and inspire you.




Built in Bonuses

  1. In addition to the fitness, nutrition, and self care materials that are provided each week, you'll also have access to weekly bonus videos and PDFs. These include tips and encouragement from other experts as well as secrets to get your body, mind, and soul fit for life.
  2. Additionally, your program includes access to the Beach Physique Method  20 Pound Challenge Community page on Facebook where you can share your wins and challenges with others and receive daily tips and inspiration from me.
  3. And, I am including at no extra charge a 30 minutes one-on-one coaching session on the phone or on Skype. We will discuss your particular goals and I'll answer questions and give you specific advice.  The call allows me to get to know you so I can encourage and support you through our community.


Summer is just around the corner. Get ready to enjoy it!

The Next Challenge begins in June 2015

Remember: Consult your physician before beginning this or any other fitness and nutrition program. The creators, producers, participants and distributors of this program do not assume any liability or loss in connection with the exercise and nutrition instructions here in.

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