Privacy Policy

At The Beach Physique Method and Beach Physique Fitness we are emphatic about respecting your privacy.

Personal information

The only personal information we may store on our sites is the information that you provide when you register to make a purchase. This information includes your user name, email address, password (which we are not able to decipher) and any optional information you choose to provide such as your website address and a description of your business.

If you subscribed to our mailing list in order to receive a free workout or other special offer, your name and or email address is stored securely on, our email provider.

Credit Card Information

Your credit card information is NEVER entered through our site (you enter it into our payment processor’s secure website when you place an order) and thus is never stored on our sites.

Third Parties

We do not give or sell your name and/or email address to any third party, ever. We may mail to you on behalf of another party – with a special offer that we believe will interest you, for example – but we maintain your email address.   If you elect to take advantage of a third party offer offer, our partner may request your email address and it is your decision to provide it if you wish.

Referral Fees

We are excited about sharing products and services that we use ourselves such as supplements, tools, and equipment, and often make it easy for you to purchase through an affiliate link.  When you buy through links from our site you will pay the same price as if you went to that site directly, however we receive a small referral fee.  Thanks for supporting us this way.

If you have any questions about what information we collect and how we use it, please contact us at