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Maria-After-ABPart of every journey is learning from others who have ventured out before you.  And here’s a fact:  I have ventured out before you on the journey to being a healthy person.  If you don’t don’t know my story, here’s the snapshot. 

How Did I Make the Transformation?
People ask me every day how I made such a big change, and how I helped my husband to lose 110 pounds.  (You can read Vance’s  story here.)

The Beach Physique Method is how I did it, and the products below were part of my success as well.

I highly recommend the Designs for Health professional grade protein powders and supplements. You can find a full assortment here.

Here are some other products I think you’ll like.

Vitamix Products
21 Day Detox Vanilla Protein Powder Vitamix Products

I provide links to products I use myself so you don’t have to search and waste time.  You will not pay a penny more buying them through these links and I earn a small commission when you do.